Friday, 26 December 2014

Develop A Funny Vehicle Chassis

Physique a Gas Motorcar Chassis


1. Lift the frame off the ground using a set of pro-jacks.

Provided you longing to contest capricious cars in a experienced drag competition, you call for to front assemble a capricious automobile chassis. Possibly you already chase on the other hand yen To pace up to a clever machine of your own. Provided you decide To erect a facetious automobile chassis, it must be constructed within the parameters of the drag race events you want to compete in. You can create a funny car chassis that is ready to race by building it from the frame up.

Lock the pro-jacks then disconnect the hydraulic pump and fluid lines. Check the jacks to be sure the frame is centered and locked into position.

2. Install the seat and measure the distance between the throttle and brake pedal with the driver seated inside the chassis frame wearing his fire suit. Measure the steering column and mark the correct distance to mount each of these items. Install the throttle and brake pedal. Mount the steering column.

3. Install the front spindles and steering box. Connect the steering column to the linkage. Run brake lines from all four axle ends: front and back. Install the master cylinder and connect it to the brake lines.

4. Attach a belly pan under the driver's compartment. Check every chassis component that has been installed. Have the driver sit in the driver's seat wearing protective gear to make sure that the pedals and steering column have been installed at the proper distance.