Thursday, 18 December 2014

Safeguard Yourself Against Vehicle Repairs

Avoid fitting a boob to machine repair fraud.

Vehivle repair complaints are habitual among most vehivle owners. A large carefulness is approximately the reliability of the machine mechanic or repair shop you access. Overcharging, defective repair and inferior affirmation of repair grind are some concerns. With some homework, you can prevent fitting a fool to motorcar repair fraud.


1. Shop sorrounding for a dependable automobile repair shop. Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations on car repair shops. Search online for repair shops in your locality. Once you have a list of repair shops, ask them about their repair warranty policies. Ask them for customer referrals and contact these customers to obtain feedback on the work done by the repair shop.

2. Ask the repair shops to show their current licenses if your state or local laws necessitate such licenses for auto repair shops. Ask them if their technicians have certifications such as Automotive Service Excellence. Look for repair shops recognized under AAA "Approved Auto Repair Network". While a certification by itself does not guarantee the honesty of the technician or shop, it indicates that the shop/technician has technical competence that meets standards. Ask if the shop/technician has experience in repairing a car of your make and model. Contact your state attorney general's office, the Better Business Bureau or your local consumer protection agencies to find out if there are any complaints against any repair shop in your list.

3. Ask the shop how they chargefor their work before hiring them. Some shops may charge a flat rate for labor, which they arrive at according to an independent or manufacturer's estimate for finishing a repair. Some shops may charge you on the actual time taken by the technician to rectify the repair. Go for a second opinion if the car repairs are expensive or complicated.

Get all the old parts back from the shop. In some states, such as Texas and Wisconsin, estimate and customer authorization are mandatory for auto repairs. It is also important to know if the shop will be using used parts in the repair. Disclosing this information is mandatory in some states.

5. Ask for a repair order once the shop repairs your car. The repair order must specify each repair and parts supplied as well as the price of each part and labor charges involved. It should also specify the reading on your odometer when you brought your car to the repair shop and the reading after completing the repair order.4. Ask the shop/technician for a repair estimate. The estimate should specify the repairs required, the parts needed and the expected labor cost. The estimate should also state that the shop would contact you in case the work exceeds a particular amount of money or time.