Thursday, 25 December 2014

Alter The Brake Footwear On The Honda Crv

Modify the Brake Shoes on a Honda CRV

The brake shoes on the Honda CRV's rear brakes grind with the parking brake. The rear wheels on the machine too practice brake discs with calipers, so you compulsion to receive encompassing these brakes in distribution to functioning on the shoes. You don't commitment to remove the brake drum, on the contrary changing the brake shoes is much a mingled chore involving multiple springs and rods.


Accessing the Shoes

1. Block the CRV's front wheels to care for it from rolling. Hoist the vehivle's rear mark, device it on jack stands, Proceeds the parking brake and remove both rear wheels; loosening the lug nuts prior to lifting the vehivle makes the wheels easier to remove.

13. Habitat the rod spring onto the connecting rod and seperate the shoes so you can install the connecting rod. Connect the two upper reinstate springs to the shoes; you Testament practicable need pliers to stretch and position the springs in their holes.

Booty off the brake discs by removing either the lug nuts with a wrench or the two retaining screws with a screwdriver. Provided the CD is stuck to the hub, thread two bolts into the holes in the CD and tighten them back and forth until the CD is free lunch.

4. Disinfected the filled brake meeting with an aerosol brake cleaner; don't operate compressed air. Accommodation a extract pan under the meeting to snatch the residue.

Removing Old Shoes

5. Remove the two upper give back springs from the brake shoe meeting. You should exigency pliers to grasp and pull the springs.

6. Push the hold-down clips on the shoes and turn the pins 90 degrees so you can remove the clips.

7. Disconnect the connecting rod and rod spring. Remove the lower send spring. Pull back the salient shoe and remove the adjuster screw.

8. Pry the U-clip and washer off the top of the rear shoe using diagonal cutters; the clip is on the backing plate side of the shoe.

9. Disconnect the parking brake lever from the rear shoe and remove the shoe.

Installing New Shoes

10. Lubricate the areas on the backing plate that come into contact with the brake shoes; lightly exercise high-temperature brake grease. Disinfected and lubricate the adjuster bolt and clevis.

11. Cause the parking brake lever to the dissimilar rear shoe, lubricating the brake lever pin with the grease. Accommodation the shoe against the stationary cease at the top of backing plate, contain the hold-down pin over the backing plate and install the hold-down clip.

12. Install the adjuster and lower come back spring onto Everyone of the cutting edge brake shoes. Position the front shoe onto the backing plate using its hold-down pin and clip.

2. Remove the rear brake calipers by removing the mounting bolts with one wrench while holding the caliper pins with another wrench. Device the calipers with a active wire or coat hangar so they don't hang by the hoses; don't disconnect the hoses.3.

14. Re-install the brake disc and caliper. Tighten the caliper mounting bolts to 17 foot pounds.

15. Turn the adjuster star wheel to adjust the brake shoes; use a screwdriver inserted through the adjusting hole. Turn the wheel until the shoes drag on the brake drum as you rotate it. Then back off the star wheel until the shoes don't drag any more.

16. Re-connect the wheels and lower the car once you've changed the brakes on both sides.