Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Use A Seat

A character of companies practise public headrests with video monitors built in. This is a good preference for those looking to add video to a leased vehicle or those who conclude not itch to alter the factory headrest to accomodate a Shade. The disagreement is that most of these units are available apart in melanoid, Sunburn or grey, and seldom cause they match the workshop seat colour perfectly. For those seeking a entire match, retrofitting a recorder into a works headrest is the peak choice.

If done correctly, you should have an X cut in the headrest cover that is slightly smaller than the outer dimensions of the mounting shroud. Use the razor knife to remove the foam padding inside of the headrest until the metal frame of the headrest is exposed.5. Stretch the headrest cover at the corners of the mounting hole to accommodate the mounting shroud.

2. Remove the scanner from the mounting shroud that it is designed to sit in. Centre the shroud on the back of the headrest. Point the spots that the corners of the shroud Testament be once the detector is installed with a pencil.

3. Draw a pencil line connecting the top left and bottom right corner marks. Draw a second line connecting the top right and bottom left marks. These lines will form an X and will be used as a template for cutting a hole to mount a monitor inside.

4. Cut along lines that form the X, starting and stopping each cut 1/4 inch from each end of the line.


1. Choose a overseer that Testament fit into the headrest. Monitors come in many contrary sizes, on the other hand most headrests Testament not select anything larger than 7 inches.

Once the shroud is in place, attach it to the metal frame of the headrest with nylon wire ties. The headrest monitor will snap into place. The headrest is now ready to install into the seat. Connect all power and video cables.