Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Alter The Brake Pads On The 1994 Ford Taurus

The 1994 Ford Taurus comes with front CD brakes and may besides come equipped with rear CD or rear drum brakes. Replacing the front brakes in the Taurus is a relatively unchanged advance no episode what year it is; the rear CD brakes exercise a clashing procedure to retract the caliper piston than conclude the front. A best baggage is required to screw the rear caliper piston into the caliper Muzzle. Otherwise, the procedure is in truth complementary to the front brake pad replacement.


1. Remove the insert to the crackerjack cylinder and then siphon absent 1/3 of the brake fluid from inside it. Discard the ancient fluid appropriately. Change the incorporate to the crack cylinder.

2. Loosen the trundle nuts with trundle aficionado wrench before lifting the Taurus.

3. Lift the Taurus, one side at a epoch, with the jack and then ease Everyone frame censure gently onto a jack stand. Stop removing the wheel nuts and wheels.

4. Remove the brake pin retainers using a ratchet and a socket locate. Remove the caliper and backing it to the strut spring using a caliper S-hook. This Testament prevent damage from occurring to the hydraulic brake hose. Be undeniable not to twist the caliper and brake hose when replacing.

5. Remove the outboard pad and inboard pad from the caliper housing. A screwdriver may assist removing the retaining clips of the pads.8. Replace the wheels and wheel nuts and then tighten them to 100-foot pounds using the torque wrench and 19mm socket after lowering the car to the ground. Pump the foot brake pedal several times to position the pads against the rotors.

Whether you're not replacing it, applicability a medium-grit sandpaper to hand-sand the glazing from the surface.

7. Install the inboard and outboard pads to the caliper. Cook up positive the rattle clips are properly seated and holding the pads in correct position to the caliper housing. Apply a light coat of lubricant to the integral caliper seat of the knuckle where the caliper anchors to. Install the caliper and then replace the brake pin retainers and tighten. Repeat the same procedure for the other side.

Apartment one of the ancient pads against the caliper piston and applicability the 4-inch C-clamp to compress the caliper piston inpouring until it bottoms away. Tighten the C-clamp slowly so the caliper piston does not incur damage.6. Gaze the rotor for any visible damage to the surface. Check the master cylinder again and top off the brake fluid, if necessary, with new brake fluid. Test drive the Taurus.