Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Trobleshoot and fix Trailer Wiring

With bagatelle enhanced than a appraisal lustrous and an day or so, you can diagnose a wiring poser in a trailer. Before you dawn, arrange certain that the fuses in the tow vehicle are choice. Test your owner's volume to end provided your Motor lorry has fuses for the trailer circuits, and that these are extremely ace.


1. Determining which light is not working will narrow your search for the problem.5. Remove and clean the ground (white) wire connection on the trailer if the lights are dim or go out when the brake pedal is depressed.

2. Visually analysis for broken wires on the trailer.

3. Repair any broken wires get going by splicing the broken ends with a solderless butt connector. Replace any section of wire that has broken or missing insulation. (This is usually the problem when a trailer blows fuses.)

4. Connect the trailer to the vehicle and turn on the lights. Verify the Correct method of the vehicle lights. Probation that Everyone contact in the vehicle trailer connector has efficacy as you turn on the tail lights, left turn expression and deserved turn expression. Gain a helper depress the brake pedal for you while you test the influence to that progression.

Another symptom of a bad ground is if all the lights flash weakly when a turn signal is on.

6. Check the bulb in a lamp if the problem is with one lamp. This is most easily done by replacing the bulb with a new one.

7. Remove and clean the ground connection at that lamp if a new bulb did not cure the problem. This may be a separate ground wire, or the ground may be through one of the mounting studs. A new lamp may be required if the problem is in a stud.