Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Change Car headlights On The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Replacing headlights is a not difficult bother.

The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee (District or Laredo series) handle seperate low-beam and high-beam headlight replacements. These composite halogen headlight inserts burn brighter, latest longer and are larger for the sphere seeing of their magnitude (compared to the old-fashioned unabridged sized sealed beam units). When it comes era to interchange a headlight, you conclude not annex to catch a repair station to install it for you. Save date and bread and become versed conclude it yourself.


1. Unfastened the hood to the Jeep Grand Cherokee and path the headlight meeting containing the expired headlight.

Align the guide pin ball sockets of the headlight assembly and push the assembly inward to lock it into place.11. Replace the jack screw and tighten.

4. Grab the headlight meeting from the upper inside corner and the lower away corner and them pull and wiggle the meeting to disengage the three ride pin ball sockets retaining the meeting to the Cherokee. Be careful of the fender, grill and bumper.

5. Allot the expired headlight. The low-beam headlight is on the outer deadline of the headlight assembly while the high-beam is on the inner purpose.

6. Disconnect the wire harness Issue plugged into the headlight socket by gently lifting up on the two retaining locks of the Issue and pulling the wire from the headlight socket.

7. Turn the headlight socket counterclockwise a quarter of a turn to disengage the headlight from the meeting. Dispose of the headlight.

8. Cover the new headlight into the headlight assembly without touching the glass bulb with your skin. Oil and dirt on your skin can damage the halogen bulb due to its intense heat when burning. Align the tabs of the headlight to the notches of the assembly, gently push inward and then twist the headlight a quarter turn clockwise to lock it into place.

9. Reconnect the wire harness outlet to the socket of the headlight. Test the headlight for operation before reassembling the headlight assembly into place. Turn the headlights off before continuing.

10.2. Set the unmarried jack screw at the top centre of the headlight assembly toward the rear border.3. Remove the jack screw with a ratchet and a 7 mm socket.

Remove the tools and close the hood.