Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Rebuild Honda Transmissions

Honda transmissions are well-built and focused on performance. From the competition track to the suburbs, Honda has a transmission that is built to hilt it all. Honda transmissions are hardened and feed the gearing needed for off and on course jobs in a departure of vehicles. They besides are comprised of happily available and easily establish parts when rebuilding is required. Honda transmissions generally can be rebuilt and assembled by yet a novice mechanic in honest a infrequent hours.

Fill the transmission with fluid.

2. Disconnect the mounting bolts on the backside of the transmission and lower it away of the vehicle by placing the jack underneath of the bellhousing and slowly letting it down.

3. Unbolt the four mounting bolts on the sides of the transmission and pull the phone housing apart to expose the Driving-wheel rods mounted to the inside wall.

4. Slide the advanced rear gear into the slot on the check arm for the rear Driving-wheel gear of the lower authority arm (there are three authority arms: lower, upper and gear shift) and tighten down the allot screws with the allen wrenches. Find the new rear pinion for the lower control arm and slide it into place as well. Tighten it down and repeat the process for the upper control arm.

5. Locate the new pinion gears for the gearshift and slide them into the notches along the gearshift shaft. Tighten them down with the allen wrenches and locate the new housing gasket. Place the gasket between the two portions of the housing on the mating surface and install the mounting bolts.

6. Use the jack to raise the transmission back up into the vehicle's engine compartment and reinstall the mounting bolts. Slide the end of the driveshaft into the rear portion of the transmission and install the yoke mounting bolts.


1. Disconnect the yoke mounting bolts holding the driveshaft in the transmission with the socket wrenches.