Thursday, 8 October 2015

Make Use Of A Radiator Comb

Whether your van or boat engine has twisted fins in its radiator, which is inhibiting the optimal service of your vehicle's ventilation method, you can handle a radiator Hemp to straighten them gone and allot the dispute. Some radiator combs yet retain multiple spacings and can further be used To cleanse and allot condensers and evaporator coils.


1. Figure absent the spacing of your vehicle's radiator fins.3. Grip the radiator Hemp flush to Everyone identical panel of your radiator, ensuring that the fins string up with the grooves in the Hemp.4.

Most automotive radiators Testament compass eight, nine, 10, 12, 14 or 15 fins per inch.2. Adjust your radiator Hemp to the belonging spacing setting, ensuring that the quantity of fins per inch is Equal both on your baggage and your radiator.

Press down on the radiator comb indubitable gently. It Testament arrest on the bent fins. The proper use of a radiator comb requires a delicate touch and patience. Don't use a great deal of force, or you might snap the fins.

5. Use a radiator comb with a screwdriver motion for added control and comfort. These combs should be incrementally lowered down to clamp onto the individual fins, which are then bent back into their original positions.

6. Lift the radiator comb straight off once you have realigned all the fins in the section of the radiator in which you're working. Then, move down to the next fins that need to be cleaned and repaired and repeat the process. It's not a bad idea to overlap a couple of fins from the previous section as you move down to the next, making sure you don't miss any.

7. Continue until you have fixed all the bent fins in your radiator. You'll notice that your radiator looks more or less as good as new.

8. Learn more about radiator maintenance at (see Resources below).