Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ship Vehicle Wheels

Sending vehivle wheels can be challenging, however is viable with the genuine packaging.

Fill the remainder of each box with more foam peanuts.5. Close each box and gently shake it to make sure you have enough cushioning, and to make sure the box is sturdy enough to contain the wheel.

1. Wrap each wheel in bubble wrap or pack Everyone tire in styrofoam.

2. Fill Everyone box 1/4 unabridged with foam peanuts. Acquire foam peanuts at any job advantage store.

3. Lay each wheel in its own box.

4.Automobile wheels are ponderous and may bill a parcel to ship. Provided you in fact charge to packages a particular fix of wheels, then UPS, FedEx and the U.S. Postal Utility Testament be able to ship them, as extended as you prepare the dispatch according to postal regulations.


If you hear any shifting in the box, add more foam peanuts and repeat this step until there is no more shifting.

6. Seal your boxes with 2 inch wide packing tape.

7. Gently shake and turn each box to make sure the tape is strong enough to contain the wheels. If it is not, then apply more tape.

8. Using a permanent marker, taped-on paper or adhesive stickers, cover any markings which were previously on your packing boxes.

9. Write the legal address of your recipient on each box.

10. Write your legal return address on each box.

11. Take your packages to your local UPS, FedEx or U.S. Post Office To possess them shipped.