Friday, 12 December 2014

Take Away The Passenger Door From The Vehicle

When a vehivle is involved in a collision, the door can gate a collection of the damage and may duty to be replaced.


1. Situate the key in the ignition and roll down the passenger side window. Turn off the car.

Alternatively, whether you thirst to repaint your vehicle, the boss means to receive a replete colour transform is to remove all of the protest panels. Whatever the inducement for doing so, you can remove the passenger door on a vehicle Homewards with basic tools. In this instance, the project vehicle is a 2010 Kia Forte, nevertheless the transaction is comparable for other vehicles further.

Open the passenger door and locate the wiring harness in the door jam of the vehicle. Use the flathead screwdriver to separate the plug in the jam, freeing the door wiring from the chassis wiring.

2. Shut the door and pull out the inner fender lining using a flathead screwdriver. Reach through the fender and unbolt the lower door hinge bolts using the ratcheting wrench set, leaving at least one bolt in the top hinge and one in the bottom.

3. Open the passenger door and have your assistant hold the door, using the window jam as a support. Reach into the fender and unbolt the remaining two bolts from the door jam using the ratcheting wrench. Have your assistant slowly pull the door away from the vehicle for safe storage.