Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Create A Wooden Truck Mattress

Wooden flatbeds can be built to a disparateness of extent and load specifications.


1. Begin by removing the old truck bed. Replacing the Bedstead and buying a Trade-mark au courant one is generally costly and inconvenient, as the latest bed will do the exact same thing (i.e., rust) over time besides. However, there is an alternative: building your own wooden truck bed that will last for years and save you a pretty penny. Follow these steps To erect a simple wooden truck bed in a flatbed design.

Trucks are vehicles that are used and abused. Depending on your adjust and mannequin, and the type of attempt it is levy terminated Everyone date, some parts of the Motor lorry may open to rust or deteriorate. Bounteous Frequently than not, one item that rusts before remainder is the Motor lorry Bedstead.

Crawl under the truck and use the ratchet set to loosen and remove the lag bolts holding the truck bed to the cross-members of the frame. Have your helpers assist in lifting the bed free from the frame and laying it somewhere for disposal.

2. Cut one of the decking boards in half and then use the lag bolts to bolt the two halves lengthwise across the bed frame. Lay the other decking boards side by side on top of the lengthwise boards and screw them down tight with the wood screws.

3. Remount your taillights and bumper on the rear of the bed with the hardware provided in your lighting kit and hang your license plate on the rear middle section of the bed.