Thursday, 5 February 2015

Calculate The Apparatus Ratio For Any Tire

You can calculate the gear ratio for a tire manually or by utilizing an online calculator. Gear ratio is related to the magnitude of the tire and the RPM output of the engine. When you reduce the extent or calibre of the tires on your vehicle, the engine velocity Testament accrual. This aggrandizement Testament pin money the gear ratio.


Go to an online gear ratio calculator. There is a link in the Resources section.6. Enter the diameter of the tires in the Original Tire Diameter field.

The Driving-wheel is connected to the vehicle's driveshaft and turns the bell gear. The phone gear in connected to the axle and sits at a 90-degree angle to the Driving-wheel gear.

2. Section the call gear teeth by the Driving-wheel teeth gear. The corollary is gear ratio.

3. Degree the calibre of one of the tires on your vehicle with a tape degree.

4. Calculate gear ratio by using the equation "rpm * tire diameter/mph * 336." RPM and mph is the average speed of the vehicle when traveling on the road.




1. Count the character of Driving-wheel gear teeth and ring gear teeth when installing a au courant gear allot in your vehicle.

7. Enter the diameter of a new set of tires in the New Tire Diameter field.

8. Enter the current gear ratio for the vehicle.

9. Click the "Compute" button to see the gear ratio for the new tires.