Friday, 6 February 2015

Metal Cutting Auto Body Tools

The honest tools construct cutting metal easier.

Yet in this time of easily replaceable parts, auto body mechanics much must perform metal surgery. Most saws can be fitted with a metal cutting blade, nevertheless job-specific tools are available. Intent shops prefer those that save age and labour.

Impact Hammer

Noisy, demoniac and imprecise, an crash hammer with a chisel attachment is used for Rugged effort on severely damaged sheet metal that is beyond repair. Hammers are available in electric and air powered varieties, of which the air chisel is the most general.

Cut-Off Tool

The elite cut-off tools are committed units with Glimmer shields and high-torque motors. They naked truth reinforced abrasive cutting wheels that are great for more detailed work in tight quarters. Air and electric models are equally popular.

Metal Shears

Whether cutting away parts of a damaged panel or trimming a replacement, metal shears are worth their extra expense.Metal shears and nibblers are the scalpels of auto body work. Manual, electric and air powered models are available, very as slip-on attachments for drills. Powered units make fast, precise, almost effortless cuts in sheet metal at the touch of a trigger.