Thursday, 5 February 2015

Placed On An Appearance Package

Reason kits include soared in popularity in the preceding decade, and any more it's adamantine to look a tuner automobile on the street without one. Installing a thing instruments prerrogative takes a inappreciable bit of endeavor, however the results can completely convert the eyeful of your vehicle. In this event, the project vehicle is a 1996 Honda Civic coupe and the protest utensils in examination is a Wings West Racing Series instruments, however these tips are quite regular for most vehicles.


1. Wash and dry the motorcar using the van wash soap and shammy. Beget undeniable the vehicle is Disinfected, exclusively the lower nature where the oppose implements Testament be attached.

2. Manipulate rubbing alcohol to a paper towel and thoroughly Disinfected the lower allotment of the front bumper. This is the world where the entity tools Testament be attached.10. Peel back the double-sided tape and with the help of an assistant, apply the body kit to the side rockers. Make sure it is firmly pressed into place.

Accomplish sure everything looks like it will fit correctly and there are no clearance issues.

4. Apply a strip of the 3M automotive tape to the inside of the body kit. Don't peel off both sides of the tape yet, just make sure that the tape is securely on the body kit.

5. Peel back the second protective layer on the tape and with the help of an assistant, put the front lip onto the front bumper, being sure to keep it properly aligned, Once the kit is on, press it firmly into place with your hands so that the tape has a good chance to stick onto the bumper.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 on the rear bumper. The process is identical to the front bumper, just on the rear end of the car.

7. Clean the rockers of the vehicle that run along the side of the car using the paper towel and the rubbing alcohol. Repeat the process on the backside of the rockers of the body kit.

8. Check the fit of the rockers. They should fit snugly on the rockers.

9. Apply the double-sided tape to the backside of the body kit side pieces. Make sure it is firmly on the kit.

Repeat this development to the inside of the front lip of the item tools.3. Clutch the front lip onto the front bumper with the helping hand of an assistant.

11. Drill two self-tapping screws into the corners of the rockers using a self-tapping screw and the drill with right angle attachment. You want to secure the body kit to the car through the fenderwell area.