Thursday, 5 February 2015

Drain Brake Fluid

Disinfected brake fluid is all-important whether your vehicle's brake manner is to function safely and properly. Here's bleed and moderate soiled or contaminated brake fluid yourself, to save bill.


1. Void the fluid from the brake lines and place in the same container you used in Step 2.4. Plug the brake lines to keep any fluid from leaking onto or damaging any painted surfaces and to prevent any moisture from entering your brake system.

Dwelling the drained fluid in a plastic container and discard in a defended aim.

3. Disconnect the brake tubes from the skilled cylinder with a limit wrench. Extensive the hood and disengage your vehicle's comparable warning switch harness and the denying battery cable.2. Allot the crackerjack cylinder, remove the cap and withdraw the brake fluid from the reservoir with a turkey baster or syringe.

5. Unplug the connector from the brake fluid reservoir.

6. Eliminate the three nuts attaching the master cylinder and 3-way union to the brake booster. Take the master cylinder off the booster studs then take out and discard the old gasket.

7. Dispose of the used brake fluid and gaskets properly.

8. Clean the master cylinder and surrounding area. Add new brake fluid to the reservoir.