Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Switch The Fan Inside A Subaru Outback

Your Subaru Outback has an electrically operated engine cooling fan.4. Remove the drive belt covers and disconnect the coolant overflow hose, then remove the coolant overflow reservoir.5. Loosen and remove the two mounting bolts that fasten the upper fan shroud in corner, then remove the all-inclusive fan meeting and convert with the new part.

Disconnect the antagonistic battery cable on your Subaru Outback and isolate it from the battery terminal with non-conductive counsel akin a Disinfected dry rag or attempt glove.

2. Hoist your vehicle and safely cooperate it. This process using jack stands, ramps or a adept vehicle lift; a jack is not sufficient facilitate for working underneath a vehicle.

3. Unbolt and remove the engine undercover and disconnect the engine fan's electrical connector. Whether you admit an automatic transmission, you'll besides obligation to remove the transmission cooler hose from the radiator fan Engine meeting's clip.

A novice can chase these steps to change the engine fan within an lifetime. You'll demand a wrench, a screwdriver and a income of safely supporting the vehicle so that you can employment underneath it.



Tighten the mounting bolts to 6 foot pounds (7.5Nm) of torque.

6. Replace the overflow reservoir and reconnect the overflow hose, then replace the accessory drive belt covers.

7. Reinstall the transmission cooler hose if it was removed, reconnect the fan's electrical connector, replace the engine undercover and lower the vehicle. You can now reconnect the negative battery cable.