Friday, 6 February 2015

Switch The Socket For Any Tail Light On The 1994 Honda Accord

Tail light sockets habitation the brake lights, turn signals and back up lamps.

Replacing a tail light socket on a 1994 Honda Acquiesce requires alone a basic sympathetic of electronic connections. Tail aglow sockets can get-up-and-go evil due to corrosion, oxidation and humidity that collects in the Timber of your Comply. This business should accept no extra than one time to organic whether you are a trainee. You can shop for all of the tools and parts for this project at your resident automotive parts retailer and hardware store.


1. Yawning the Timber of the vehicle. Remove the three plastic tabs that influence the tail lucent in field. Detach the flash sockets from the tail glossy encompass or housing. Fix the tail glossy insert in the Timber of the Permit.3.

You may chalk up To hull the inner Timber lining back to asset the tabs.2. Remove the full glowing meeting from the rear of the vehicle.

Compare the inexperienced socket's wiring colors to the existing wiring on the vehicle. Using small strips of masking tape, write the color of the car's wiring that corresponds to the wiring on the new socket since the wiring colors of the new socket may be different from the old socket. (example: Old/Red = New/Blue) Marking the wires ahead of time will save you from guessing in the reinstall process.

4. Cut the wires off of the old socket with wire snips 1 inch from the socket. Strip 1/2 inch of sheathing off of the end of the wires. If necessary, strip 1/2 inch of sheathing from the new socket's wiring.

5. Crimp the butt-end connector onto the vehicle's wiring using a pair of pliers or crimping tool. Insert the new socket's wiring into the butt-end connector and crimp them in the same fashion.

6. Test the new socket by letting it hang freely off the side of the vehicle. If the socket is a brake socket, press on the brake pedal. Turn on the hazard lights if the socket you are replacing is a turn signal socket. Turn the key to "accessories" and put the vehicle in reverse if you are replacing a back up light socket.

7. Reattach the entire light assembly. Tighten the light fixture mounting tabs between 15 and 20 torque-pounds.