Friday, 6 February 2015

Properly Apply Body Filler

Intent filler is used in the Car repair Production to smooth away repairs so they are unnoticeable after emulsion. It is a plastic putty that requires a hardener to be remodelled a solid. For filler to bond properly to the metal and besides carry out a smooth surface it must be properly applied. Filler can be fashion at your regional Car work stores and is relatively cinch to drudge with.


1. Habitat a straight edge across the field that you Testament be adding filler to. Actuate how even filler you will need by the aperture under the straight edge.

2. Clean the area with a rag and acetone. This will remove any contaminants that could cause the filler to improperly bond.

3. Apply the estimated amount of filler you will need to a piece of cardboard. Add hardener following the manufacturer's recommendations. Apply filler with a putty knife in long continuous strokes. Smooth until it is level with the surrounding surface. Let it harden.

Thoroughly mix the hardener into the filler using a putty knife. When the filler becomes one consistent color it is ready to apply.4.