Monday, 2 March 2015

Fix A 1972 Nova Back Window Rust Problem

Rust can quickly overtake an full of years motorcar whether it is left untreated.

1. Drip a small portion of light oil onto the affected area of the Nova's steel window-frame.2.

Surface rust can form and accumulate on any metal that has been exposed to moisture. The 1972 Chevy Nova's rear window is held in place by chromed-steel framing. This framing easily attracts rust accumulation that can spread to the glass window if left untreated. Rust of this sort is easily removed using several household products and a bit of elbow grease.


Place a pad of steel wool over the oil and gently rub the rusted area. Apply more pressure to the pad if the rusting is severe. Use more oil as needed. Repeat for all affected areas of the framing.

3. Polish the steel framing with metal polish and a buffer cloth.

4. Clean rust accumulation from the windows. Use a textured scrubbing pad and a few drops of oil.

5. Spray the rear window with glass-cleaner and rub it thoroughly with paper towels. Be sure to remove all excess oil from the window.