Monday, 2 March 2015

Replace Front Disc Brake Pads

The brake pads on your vehicle typically wear elsewhere over day, requiring that they be replaced routinely. Driving on worn or bad brakes can produce a breakneck direction. When you birth to ambience that your brakes are exhausting absent in that the pedal goes as well far to the floor or you hear the brakes induction to chatter, change the brake pads yourself in an generation or two and save yourself the hour and expense of fascinating it into a shop.


1. Lift the front of the vehicle up with a floor jack and situate jack stands underneath the front axle on both sides to relieve the vehicle, then lower the machine down on the stands.

2. Remove the tire with a lug wrench from the side of the vehicle where you Testament be replacing the brake pads and locate the tire absent of the contrivance.

3. Distinguish the mounting bolts holding the brake caliper in community and exercise an open-end wrench to loosen the mounting bolts, turning them counterclockwise.

4. Select the mounting bolts outside of the brake caliper and slide the caliper absent from the rotor.

5. Scrutinize the brake string for any signs of leakage and locate the caliper to the side so it's outside of the custom.

6. Remove the elderly brake pads from the caliper, then receipts the rotor off the circle hub and Disinfected the studs and hub with a wire brush to remove rust and debris.

7. Catching the cap off the skilled cylinder for the brakes and fix to the side, then call a C-clamp to slowly depress the brake caliper's piston until it is completely flat with the face of the caliper.

8. Continue this until the brake pedal is rigid when you first apply pressure.12. Reattach the tire to the hub and secure by tightening the lug nuts with a lug wrench.13.

Insert the caliper mounting bolts into the caliper sleeves and tighten the bolts with an open-end wrench until the brake pads are secure but just loose enough To admit the rotor to turn.

11. Depress the brake pedal slowly and then let it up. Fill the brake fluid in the master cylinder and then put the cap back on the unit.9. Place the rotor back on to the wheel hub, then set the new brake pads inside the caliper and slide the caliper back over the rotor.10.

Repeat steps 2 through 12 with the brake pads on the opposite side of the vehicle.

14. Lift the front of the vehicle up with the floor jack and remove both jack stands, then lower the car to the ground.