Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Discover The Pcv Valve Inside A 2000 Ford Focus Se

Treasure the PCV Valve in a 2000 Ford Focus SE

The PCV valve, or cold crankcase ventilation valve, on a 2000 Ford Nerve center plays an relevant item in the vehicle's emissions-control manner. The PCV valve vents complete air compel in the crankcase (inside) of the engine back into the engine intake to assure no unburned hydrocarbons are released into the field. Having a right functioning PCV valve is meaningful to the overall performance of the 2000 Ford Meeting place.


1. Acquisition the PCV valve located in the centre of the engine valve incorporate. The valve cover is caliginous grey with a silver embrace reading "POWERED BY FORD."

5. Removed the black rubber vacuum tube from the PCV valve by pulling it off of the PCV valve.6.

Locate the PCV valve at the termination of the hose running into the valve cover above "BY." It is the silver metal part actually stuck into the valve cover. If you choose to replace the PCV valve, continue to the next step.

4. Remove the old PCV valve from the engine by grabbing it and pulling straight up.

2. Looking at the engine, succeed the black rubber vacuum hose terminating in the valve encompass equal above the term "BY" on the silver "POWERED BY FORD" valve-cover encompass.3.

Reinstall the vacuum line onto the new PCV valve and reinstall it into the engine.