Thursday, 8 October 2015

Replace A Window Regulator Cable Within An Expedition

Change a Window Regulator Cable in an Expedition

The window regulator cable on a Ford Expedition is object of the regulator meeting and is not serviceable separately. So, provided your Expedition's window regulator cable incurs damage, you'll duty to alternate the complete regulator. The cable moves the regulator up or down in response to the window Engine. Whether the cable malfunctions, you won't compass Order of your Expedition's capacity window until you interchange the regulator.6. Set the new window regulator into the Expedition's door by hand. Bolt it in place with the socket set.7.

Disconnect the switch from the door harness by ability and locate the switch/bezel meeting aside.

2. Remove the hex imagination screws from the door panel using the Phillips screwdriver. Depending on the year of your Expedition, you may extremity to remove a trim subsume from ultimate the inner door arm with the trim belongings to expose that screw.

3. Lift the door panel up and off the door by labourer. Provided your Expedition has a courtesy light in the lower-trailing edge of the panel, disconnect that light from the door wiring harness before moving the panel away from the door.

4. Push the Expedition's window to the top of the window frame by hand. Tape the glass to the top of the door with packing tape to prevent it from dropping back down.

5. Remove the window regulator mounting bolts with the socket set. Unbolt the regulator from the window glass with the socket set. Pull the old regulator out of the Expedition's door by hand.

Whether you chalk up basic auto-repair skills and an lifetime of Leisure time, you can interchange your Expedition's window regulator.


1. Pry the window switch bezel away of the Expedition's door panel using your trim belongings.

Reinstall the Expedition's door panel in reverse of how you removed it.