Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Switch The Rear Carry Bolts On The Chevrolet Suburban

Change the Rear Lug Bolts on a Chevy Suburban

The rear lug bolts on a Chevrolet Suburban connect the rear axle flanges to the wheels and tires. Provided the lug nuts are over-tightened or cross-threaded, the lug bolts may be damaged and necessitate replaced. Moreover, whether the bolts are rusted or levy under Exorbitant stress they can split.


Removing the Rear Brake Drums

1. Field the vehicle on a consistent surface.

2. Block the front wheels with shove chocks or wood blocks.

3. Hoist the rear of the vehicle, using an automotive jack, and bed with jack stands placed underneath the rear axle.

4. Unscrew the lug nuts on the rear wheels using a lug wrench.

5. Pull the rear wheels off the lug studs using your hands. Movement the rear wheels gone of the street.

6. Tighten the lug kernel, using a lug wrench, until the lug bolt is strained into the axle flange.16. Unscrew the lug nut, using a lug wrench.

8. Distance a socket approximately the lug bolt imagination. The socket must be considerable Sufficiently that you can guide the bolt into it.

9. Deposit a C-clamp over the lug bolt. (The backside should be against the inboard side of the socket you've aloof placed; the top of the C-clamp should be against the outboard limitation of the lug bolt.)

10. Compress the C-clamp by turning the hilt with your handwriting. Live on compressing the clamp until the lug bolt is driven into the socket.

11. Pull the lug bolt from the axle flange with your fist.

Installing the Rear Lug Bolts

12. Contain the contemporary lug bolt completed the inboard side of the axle flange.

13. Slide four Apartment lodgings washers over the lug bolt on the outboard side of the axle flange.

14. Thread a lug seed onto the lug bolt.

15. Pull the rear brake drums off the lug studs, using your hands.

Removing the Rear Lug Bolts

7. Place the lug bolt mind on the inboard side of the axle flange.

Remove the four flat washers.

Reinstalling the Rear Brake Drums

17.Slide the brake drum over the lug bolts.

18. Lift the rear wheels and tires onto the lug bolts.

19. Screw the lug nuts onto the lug bolts, and tighten using a lug wrench.

20. Lower the vehicle.