Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Use Gel Coat

A kayak oftentimes needs gel coat repair whether heavily used.

Gel coats are typically a concoction of polyester resin and fiberglass, or mixtures of epoxy resin and glass or carbon fibers. The gel coat is generally applied to a composite counsel surface, such as on aircraft and marine vessels. Gel coat is used extensively on kayaks and often needs repair. Cognizant profession with gel coat and marine vessels is a primary skill for any kayak or boating fanatic. It Testament enable you to assemble repairs and carry your vessel looking allying au courant.


1. Settle on your protective gloves and dust mask and respirator. Capture an filled profession extent with useful ventilation, preferably absent.

2.3. Pour out the portioned amount of polyester resin you'll need into a mixing bowl. Add the portioned amount of fiberglass to the resin.

Catalog the type of surface treatment you necessitate to perform. This can be an filled surface treatment or a repair or refinishing task. Scan the instruction labels on your gel coat supplies for the equitable portions you'll exigency for the function. All gel coat supplies Testament admit colorful brew ratios. Mix together thoroughly.

4. Add the color pigment to your gel coat mixture---if adding color---and mix in thoroughly. Add the pigment in small portions until you have a good match to the color you're trying to accomplish.

5. Mix in the hardening agent, according to the instruction time chart. The amount of hardening agent you use will dictate the time you'll be able to work with the gel coat before it starts to set.

6. Apply the gel coat evenly on the surface, using an applicator such as a plastic spreader. Use small amounts and spread evenly, working back and forth. Gel coat will shrink when it cures, so if you are filling holes or cracks you want to slightly overfill the area. Ensure that no lumpy areas or drips occur. Allow sufficient time for the gel coat to dry according to the product instructions.