Friday, 9 October 2015

Weld Sheet Metal With Electrical Resistance

Electrical resistance welding is even less dramatic than MIG welding.

Employ welding clamps to mastery the panel in position until many spot welds bear been produced that Testament authority it in accommodation.2. Disinfected the surface of the folio metal that is continuance welded with a wire brush.


1. Position the leaf metal panel onto the vehicle, checking the alignment of the chief gaps so that you achieve not weld the cut on incorrectly.The most everyday construction of electrical resistence welding is one that you come into contact with every period, the spot welds on your motorcar or Motor lorry. In the progression of rebuilding a damaged machine or Motor lorry, electrical resistence welding is a energetic, light funds of rebuilding a vehicle's spot welds without having to drill away the repair panels or advantage a also complicated MIG welder. Many electrical resistence welders come with a fluctuation of heads so that you can distance spot welds in an array of clashing positions.

You must have metal-on-metal contact between the spot welder's electrodes and the sheet metal being joined for the weld to be completed successfully.

3. Plug the electrical resistance welder into a wall socket, then put on your safety glasses. A welding helmet is not necessary when welding with electrical resistance machines because you cannot see the weld spark. When you pull the trigger, you will hear an audible pop, followed by one or two red metal embers leaping out from the electrode. With safety glasses on, there is no danger to your eyesight.

4. Clamp the electrodes of the resistance welder onto the sheet metal parts being joined. They should be tight enough that the sheet metal will be pinched together firmly.

5. Pull the trigger of the electrical resistance welder and hold it for approximately one second or until you hear the pop and see the embers arc out from under the electrode. When you see this, the spot weld has been produced successfully and you can move on to the next spot weld.