Thursday, 11 December 2014

Change An Abs Speed Sensor

A machine's anti-lock braking action, further established as ABS, helps prevent wheel-locking. Celerity sensors, which are attached to Everyone turn, dispatch erudition regarding the rush of the vehicle to the anti-lock braking method. The ABS can prevent drivers from losing check of their vehicles. They can solution when the wheels are approximately to lock and prevent this by automatically pumping the brakes.


1. Cluster all materials, forming decided all implements are within easily done stretch. Wear overalls and gloves provided all-important.

2. Lift the hood of the vehicle and unfasten the kernel on the cable clamp, which is attached to the dissension battery outlet. Remove the clamp from the battery outlet and cut off all electrics connected to the sensors.

3. Locate the wheel lug nuts. Use the tire wrench to twist the wheel lug nuts counterclockwise. You don't have to completely remove the lug nuts, they just need to be loosened.

4. Lift the car on to the jack stands, raise the front part of the vehicle onto the floor jack.

5. Detach the the lug nuts and carefully remove the wheel from the hub.

6. Find the speed sensor, which should be located on the wheel hub bracket. It should resemble a miniature black cube. Remove the electric cables from the speed sensor.

7. Unscrew the bolts that secure the speed sensor and remove the sensor with the screwdriver.

8. Line up the new sensor with the wheel hub bracket, making sure that it is straight. Place the screws in each hole and secure them with a screwdriver.

Take the vehicle back down and remove the jack stands. Secure the lug nuts with the torque wrench.

9. Connect the electrical cable into the speed sensor, put the wheel back on the hub and secure the lugs nuts with the tire wrench.10.