Thursday, 11 December 2014

Change Altima Brake Rotors

Contemplate brake rotors on your Nissan Altima

The brake rotors are detail of the most meaningful safety action on your Nissan Altima. This brake transaction demands accepted worry and speedy inspection. Brake rotors or discs should be checked for run-out, wear, scores, cracks and corresponding damage which depend upon rotor replacement in most cases.


1. Stadium your automobile in a unharmed country and loosen the spin lug nuts from the rotor you thirst to silver.

2. Stand the front or rear of the vehicle using a jack and flotation it safely on a jack stand.

3. Remove the spin lugs and the tire off the vehicle. Cook up definite the emergency brakes are not applied.

4. Unscrew the two caliper cicerone pins or mounting bolts from persist the caliper meeting using a six-point wrench, ratchet and six-point socket or Allen socket, depending on type of mounting bolts used.

5. Effort the caliper piston into its cylinder using a C-clamp or bulky screwdriver. This Testament loosen the brake pads appropriate off the brake rotor.

6. Lift the caliper assembly off the rotor and secure the assembly to the strut, shock absorber or some other suitable part with a piece of wire. This will prevent the caliper from hanging loose and damaging the brake hose.

7. Remove the brake rotor off the hub.9. Set the new rotor in place and install the caliper assembly. Align the two threaded mounting holes on the caliper mounting bracket with the threaded holes on the steering knuckle and install the mounting bolts.

If the rotor seems to be stuck, lightly tap the rotor with a rubber hammer to brake it loose from the wheel hub.8. Wipe the friction surface of the new rotor using denatured alcohol-or a similar solvent-and a clean shop rag to remove the protective coating. Do not use oil based solvents which can damage brake lining and ignite during braking friction. Torque the bolts to 101-129 foot lbs. (137-176 Nm).

10. Install the tire and lug nuts.

11. Lower the vehicle and finish tightening the wheel lug nuts. Use the same procedure to change any other front or rear rotor.