Thursday, 11 December 2014

Change Valve Cover Gaskets On The 1998 Forester

The valve cover gaskets on a 1998 Subaru Forester want to be changed once they be reformed dry rotted or cracked as oil Testament leak, causing a mess on the side of the engine. Provided the oil leaks and builds up on the exhaust, it could eventually commence a holocaust. Whether the valve embrace gaskets are leaking, you should and proof the oil Often. Provided the oil gets as well low, the engine could lock up as it won't own Sufficiently lubrication.


1. Remove the bolts that secure the upper and centre side of the timing belt cover with the apt socket. Uplift the front of the vehicle with a floor jack and bedding it on jack stands. Remove the incorporate under the engine with the grip sockets.

2. Remove the bolt on the backside of the timing belt cover then remove the timing girdle involve with the felicitous socket. Lower the Forester off the jack stands. Objective the Glimmer plug wires with liquid eraser so you comprehend where they moxie when you deposit the Forester back well-organized. Remove the plug wires from the Glimmer plugs with a yoke of Glimmer plug pliers.

3. Line up the gaskets on each valve cover then let them set for two to three minutes. Set the valve covers on their respective heads. Insert the bolts and tighten them firmly. However, do not over-tighten the bolts as you will damage the gasket. Clean the gasket mounting surfaces on the valve cover and the head with a screwdriver and a rag. Repeat the process for the other side.

4. Smear a thin layer of RTV silicone onto the valve covers. Pull the PCV hose outside of the valve embrace. Remove the bolts holding the valve include onto the engine with the obtain sockets. Lift the valve cover off the engine.

5. Plug the PCV hose into the valve cover. Reattach the spark plug wires to their respective spark plugs. Raise the Forester with the jack and support it on jack stands. Reinstall the timing covers and the cover under the engine. Remove the jack. If oil has leaked onto the engine or exhaust, clean it off with rags. Start the Forester and check for oil leaks.