Thursday, 11 December 2014

Use A Catalytic Ripper tools Inside A Gmc Sonoma

Depending on what year and what Engine you hold in your GMC Sonoma Testament dictate the akin of enigma and the type of catalytic converter you call for for replacement. Before the year 2000, the converter was connected to the exhaust action last the front exhaust channel in the usual 4.3 litre engine. In the year 2000, the catalytic converter became the front exhaust cylinder which is all the more else challenging and gargantuan to remove and change.


Install a Catalytic Converter in a GMC Sonoma

1. Lift the GMC Sonoma all the up on the machine lift. Load all the tools and the virgin converter into the stuff cart/tray and circle it over near you under the Sonoma, nevertheless gone of your design. Situate on the safety glasses.

2. Fix and remove the O2 sensors. In the front Y-pipe converter exercise, there Testament be three O2 sensors. In the older affectionate of Sonoma, there is lone one O2 sensor. Set the plugs for the wire and unplug them using the flathead screwdriver to press in on the clip lock. Capitalization the ratchet and oxygen sensor socket to remove the sensors. Provided call for be, you may retain to heat the tube up a hasty with the torch to extract them. Confess them to refreshing down provided you needed the torch.

3. Screw the O2 sensor(s) into the dissimilar converter, nevertheless manipulate a glossy coat of anti-seize lubricant on the threads beginning. Bright the torch with the striker and heat up one devotee on the manifold stud at a age (for the front Y-pipe converter). When the fan is cherry cherry, lay the pneumatic gun, extent, swivel and socket onto it and remove the follower. Provided the converter is connected to the front pipe, cut the three nuts and bolts with the torch on both sides of the flange, then use the hammer and punch to knock remainder of the bolt out of the flange connection.

For the Y-pipe with three sensors, build undeniable to place the genuine sensor into the equitable Harbour. Be careful not to overtighten to prevent stripping outside the threads of the sensor(s).4.

5. Cut the two or three nuts and bolts out of the rear flange connection on the converter using the torch. Cut the bolt on both sides of the flange and knock the rest of the bolt from the flange connection using the hammer and a punch. Be careful on the last bolt as the converter will separate from the exhaust system. Put on the gloves and remove the old converter.

6. Install the new catalytic converter starting with the inlet first (closest to the motor). Install the gasket(s) first and then thread on new manifold stud bolts for the Y-pipe converter or replace the nuts and bolts on the converter connected to the front pipe. Use a bolt head and washer on one side and a lock washer and nut on the other side of the flange.

7. Tighten the nuts on the manifold with the gun or tighten the nuts and bolts on the flange connection, using the gun on one side and holding the bolt steady with a hand wrench on the other.

8. Replace the gasket and hardware on the rear connection of the catalytic converter. Place the bolt head and flat washer on one side and the lock washer and nut on the other side of the flange connection. Tighten with the gun on the nut side and hold the bolt head with a hand wrench.

9. Plug the oxygen sensor wire(s) back into the plug(s).

10. Remove the tool cart and any other debris from under the Sonoma, lower the truck and start the engine up. Raise it back up and check for any possible exhaust leaks coming from the manifold, flange or oxygen sensor connections. Tighten as needed.