Thursday, 11 December 2014

Add Keyless Admission To A Pt Cruiser

The Chrysler PT Cruiser's keyless entry operation is integrated with the vehicle's ignition answer. Thus, the growth for adding a keyless entry remote involves programming a spare vital. This takes keeping of the remote programming also.

Factory Keyless Entry

Whether your Chrysler PT Cruiser has a workshop keyless entry step, you can add an more remote to the step as faraway as you already admit two working remotes. Embrace one of your working explanation/remote units and turn it to "On." Remove it after five seconds, then comprehend the other working interpretation/remote unit. Turn it to "On," then remove it after you hear the ignition chime. Cover the interpretation/remote unit you yen to add to the vehicle. Leave it in the ignition for approximately 60 seconds, until the ignition chimes.

If your Chrysler PT Cruiser did not come with factory keyless entry, you can still have keyless entry by adding an aftermarket keyless entry system. An aftermarket system is available at many auto accessories shops. Installation is best reserved for a professional, as the system must be connected to the door lock actuators.

If You Only Have One Working Remote

If you only have one working key/remote unit, you'll need To stay with an authorized Chrysler dealer to add a spare keyless entry to the PT Cruiser.

Aftermarket Keyless Entry