Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Location From The Identification Number On The 1940 Chevrolet

American-made cars and trucks are identified by their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Engine Number

Occasionally, the VIN plate will be missing from older vehicles. In those cases, titles are created using the engine numbers.

The cipher on the plate tells the Motor lorry's version. For instance, the VIN "21 KC 07 11077" indicates that the vehicle was built in Janesville, Wisconsin, in The middle of summer 1940. The "21" signifies the Janesville plant, the "K" designates 1940, "C" indicates that it was a half-ton Motor lorry and the "7" stands for the month, The middle of summer. The other numbers present the sequence in which the Motor lorry left the meeting string.

Chevrolet Car VIN

The VIN for a 1940 Chevrolet car is on a plate fixed to the floor on the right side of the front seat.

With the Correct decoding confidence, the VIN figure can announce you where and when the vehicle was manufactured.

Chevrolet Truck VIN

The VIN on a 1940 Chevrolet Motor lorry is located on a metal plate attached to the firewall on the passenger side aloof under the hood.