Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Get Pollutants Licensed

Carry your motorcar an emissions test.

Your state government website should list the nearest testing facilities along with the hours of operation. While the owner of the car must be present at the DMV in order to register the vehicle and present the emissions test, a friend or family member can get the emission test if you cannot make it. She will need to bring her own ID as well as the car documents. To get certified, you will need to take your car into one of the government-regulated testing facilities near your area.


1. Check to see if your state requires the emissions test since not all states do. Call your local clerk office or check the state department of motor vehicles to see what the rules are. Some states do not require testing for vehicles newer than five years or older than 25. Some require testing every other year. Tennessee stipulates that anything weighing under 10,500 pounds that is diesel or gas fueled will need to be tested.

2. Gather the necessary documents and payment. You will need some form of driver's identification, the most recent registration and title information, a couple proofs of residency (pay stub and bills) and cash payment.

3. Take the car into the testing facility to have it checked.The next time you go to the local DMV to get your vehicle registration updated, you might be required to have an emissions test. Health regulations now require testing to measure the amount of pollutants released by a vehicle. Pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are released by the car engine.