Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stick Weld A 3rd generation Vertical Weld

Arc welding a 3G weld requires governance of the weld puddle.

5. Allow the weld to cool for 10 minutes. Tap the weld with the pointed end of a chipping hammer to remove all slag from the surface of the cooled weld.


1. Stand two pieces of 3/8-inch thick gentle steel vertically on a non-combustible work surface. Align the two plates to sit 1/4-inch apart with one end of each plate facing each other.

2. Secure a 1/8-inch 7018 stick electrode in the electrode holder of an arc welder. Connect the ground cable from the welder to the non-combustible work surface. Put on your welding gear -- hood, leather gloves and leather sleeves.

3. Set the end of the 7018 stick electrode 1/8-inch away from the bottom of the seam created by the two vertical pieces of mild steel.

4. Ignite the 7018 electrode by striking on one of the pieces of steel. Move the electrode across the 1/4-inch gap. Move up 1/8-inch and cross back over the gap. Continue moving over the gap while moving the electrode 1/8-inch up with each pass.

Certifications make safe that a welder has shown the endowment to exercise a particular welding course to build a sound weld in a apt position. Everyone certification has a title -- consisting of a character and dispatch -- that shows the welding fashion and weld order a welder can custom when constructing and repairing a metal thing. A 3G welding certification shows the welder has the faculty to weld a Seam in the vertical uphill position. Forging a 3G weld takes knowledge, true welder settings and a regular ability.