Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Install Tmolding

Installing T-molding creates a smooth transition from one hardwood floor to another floor.

Carpenters exercise T-molding to associate a hardwood floor to another hardwood or ceramic floor of Identical heighth. Installing this type of moulding gives your floors a non-stop, finished observe. With a imperceptible planning and the appropriate tools, it can be installed by the guideline do-it-yourselfer.


4. Apply construction adhesive along the top of the last row of installed flooring in a 1/4-inch bead. Apply glue only to the top edge of the row.5.

This gap provides room for the wood to expand. Some types of wood may require more room, so review the manufacturer's guide for your flooring to see if additional space is needed.

2. Use a measuring tape to measure the length of your last row of installed hardwood flooring. Measure and mark the T-molding piece to the same length. Cut the T-molding piece with a miter saw.

3. If installing the T-molding piece in a doorway, first remove the door. Install the hardwood floor so that the last row ends 1 ¼ inches from the center of the doorway to allow the T-molding to fit properly beneath the door. Measure the length of the doorway to determine the length to which the T-molding must be cut.

Installing Your T-Molding

1. When installing a hardwood floor, borderline the endure row of hardwood 1 ¼ inches from the connecting floor.

Position the T-molding against the last row of hardwood flooring so that it overlaps the row by at least ¼ inch. Press down firmly at the point where the T-molding and installed flooring overlap to help the adhesive adhere to the T-molding and flooring. The opposite side of the T-molding should fit over the edge of the connecting floor, creating a smooth transition between the two floors.

6. Place strips of low-residue adhesive tape across the T-molding every 4 inches. Wait 24 hours for the construction adhesive to dry. Remove the tape and wipe away any tape adhesive residue from the tape with a damp rag.