Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Get Yourself A Disabled Parking Permit In Illinois

People with disabilities can use for a exclusive licence plate or a transferable poster. The disabled person must sign and date the form.3. Have your physician complete Part A of the form which is the certification of disability section.

1. Decide whether you qualify as a adult with disabilities as defined by the sovereign state of Illinois. These disabilities incorporate regional capacity to circuit, exercise of portable oxygen and certain cardiac conditions.

2. Print the application and physician certification form on the Illinois Secretary of State website. Complete Part B and indicate whether you are requesting a license plate or a placard. License plates are only issued to persons with permanent disabilities. This allows the vehicle to lawns in blue-painted, specially striking disabled parking spaces. Disabled plate and poster requests must be signed by a Doctor or other authorized health competent. Announce on to memorize and.


The certification includes the diagnosis of the disability and that it meets the definition of disability under Illinois law. The physician indicates whether the disability is temporary or permanent, then signs and dates the form.

4. Mail the application form to the Illinois Secretary of State address on the form. Enclose a check for the fee if applying for plates. There is no fee for the disability placard.

5. Wait to get the placard or plates by mail. Hang the placard from the rearview mirror when parking in a disabled parking space.