Friday, 12 December 2014

Sunroof Maintenance

A sunroof on a automobile is a bliss during the summer months. The frosty breeze you capture with one of these mechanical wonders rolled gone to the sky is a limited miracle, on the contrary sunroofs can be as even a nuisance as a blessing. Crack cache your sun roof can confirm your inconsiderable add-on stays a amusement and never causes a Migraine.


The glass on a sunroof is normally UV-ray protected, very as coated against heat. These glass panels extremity certain dismay. Create firm To cleanse the glass regularly with a non-scratch towel, too as luminous cleaner. The cleaner should be a non-abrasive cleaning formula such as dishwashing abstergent. The opening and closing action of the window can rub large pieces of debris against the seal, damaging the rubber. You can also add calcium powder to the seal to keep it in good shape. The water management system also needs to be cleaned of dirt and debris, otherwise the drain may get clogged.

The sunroof runs along a mechanical arm and a set of grooves. This needs to be serviced occasionally so that it does not become stuck, or jerks as it opens. Make sure to grease and lubricate the arms and moving parts of the mechanism once a year. It is also a good practice to check the wires going to the sunroof for damage on a regular basis. Exposed wires can cause electrical shortages that can cause the sunroof to fail.

Seal and Water Management System

Sunroofs are equipped with a seal to keep water from coming into the car, also as a water management system that drains the water that does happen to receive between the window and the seal. To service the seal, you will want to make sure that it has been cleaned of dirt and debris. Assemble undeniable to let the glass fully dry before opening the sun roof. Provided you wish, you can also have the glass panel treated with a water repellant wax that beads liquid as it touches the surface.


Once a year take an air nozzle to the water management system to clear out clogs.