Friday, 12 December 2014

Change A Blinker Bulb On The 2005 Cadillac Carpal tunnel syndrome

Cadillac introduced the CTS in 2002 design year to transform the outgoing Catera. The manufacturer offered the CTS as a sedan, coupe and wagon. The luminosity combination on the CTS adds to the cars signature styling, with the front turn signals and fog lamps sharing a light meeting and all the rear lights, sans the eminent mount brick wall glowing, sharing the angular tail headlight assemblies. For reasons of safety besides as recognized driving, it's foremost to supersede Cadillac's urging and see the exterior lights every two weeks, replacing any blown bulbs at once.


Front Turn Signal

1. Spread under the front borderline of the CTS and remove the plastic push pins that anchor the front Safeguard shield, by using a Apartment lodgings screwdriver to pry them gone of the shield. Pull the shield down to advance access to the bottom of the turn signal lamp.

2. Reach behind the lamp assembly and grab the turn signal light socket. Rotate the socket counterclockwise and pull it straight back to release it from the turn signal lamp.

3. Lift the two plastic retaining clips off the bulb. Pull the old turn signal bulb out of the socket and discard it.

4. Plug the new 3157K bulb into the socket and slip the plastic retaining clips back into place. Slide the socket and bulb into the turn signal lamp and rotate the socket clockwise to lock it.

5. Reinstall the protection shield and protection shield push pins.

Rear Turn Signal

6. Open the CTS's trunk. Remove the spare tire cover by removing the wing nut that holds it down. Remove the four wing nuts that hold the cargo net. Pull the trunk trim carpet from the area at the back of the turn signal lamp.

7. Remove the turn signal lamp retaining screws with a Socket wrench and 6 mm socket. Pull the lamp assembly straight back from the rear of the CTS to expose the turn signal socket. Plug the new bulb into the socket.9. Slip the socket back into the rear of the turn signal lamp.

Rotate the socket counterclockwise to unlock the socket from the lamp assembly.8. Pull the socket out of the lamp assembly. Pull the burned out bulb out of the CTS's socket and discard it.

Rotate it clockwise to lock it into place. Put the turn signal lamp back onto the rear of the CTS and reinstall the turn signal lamp retaining screws.

10. Fold the carpet back into place. Reinstall the Cargo net wing nuts, spare tire cover and spare tire cover wing nut.