Friday, 12 December 2014

Switch The Door Slide Arm On The 2005 Ford F150

Ford F-150

The slide arm in the front door on a 2005 Ford F-150 prevents the door from lifetime overextended when opening, which could creature in damage to the door, hinges and protest of the Motor lorry. Whether this arm becomes damaged, it may be gargantuan to frank or speedy the door, and you should moderate it as soon as credible. Simply removing it from the door husky mount Testament authorize you to ploy the door, however opens you up to the risk of extreme intent damage to the Motor lorry.


1. Appropriateness the pocket screwdriver to remove the trim panel endure the door grasp on the door panel. This Testament convey you access to two fasteners that dominion the door panel in district at the top. Remove those fasteners extremely as the two in the backside of the door panel using the screwdriver.

2. Remove the Torx fasteners that are holding the door docent bracket to the door hardy using the Torx set and socket wrench.5. Shine the flashlight into the door to locate where the slide arm bolts to the inside of the door and remove the fasteners with the socket set. Pull the slide arm out through the hole in the leading edge of the door.

Lift the door panel up and off the door. Peel the moisten shield back from the upper, front corner of the door so you can distance the access holes in the door.

4. Remove the window and lock switch bezel, using the trim effects to carefully pry them up and away of the door. Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the switch by pushing the retaining clip in and gently pulling the connector off the switch.3. Remove the fastener ultimate the switch with the socket allot.

6. Move the replacement slide arm into place in reverse of how you removed the old one. Bolt it into the door and then fasten the other end to the door well. Be careful not to damage the gasket around the slide arm opening.

7. Reinstall the door panel in reverse of how it was removed.