Monday, 9 February 2015

Estimate Transmission Repairs

Doing a diminutive bit of trial can aid you carry the finest deal on your transmission repair.

However, all is not lost, with the right information you can be sure that you're getting the best price possible for your repair service.


1.There's little that is more frustrating than driving home from work and discovering that your check engine light is on. If the source of the problem is transmission failure, then you may be in for even more frustration. Transmission repairs can cost from $750 to $6,000, depending on the make and model of your car and the type of transmission it uses.

Consider the original cost of your vehicle and the type of transmission that it uses. Manual transmissions tend to be much less expensive, with a potential cost as low as $450 before labor for common, inexpensive vehicles. Automatic transmissions cost much more, with a typical base cost of around $1,700 for mainstream vehicles.

If you own a luxury car or an imported car then you should expect to pay a premium for transmission repair. For instance, a BMW automatic transmission typically costs $4,050, while a Mercedes transmission costs around $1,500 for a manual and up to $6,000 for an automatic.

2. Research the amount that other people have paid for transmission repairs. Navigate your web browser to a website like RepairPal (see Resources) and search for your year, make and model of vehicle. You're likely to find estimates of what other people paid for a similar service.

3. Research the cost of a replacement transmission for your vehicle. You can go to a site such as Auto Parts Fair (see Resources) and search for an automatic or manual transmission for your make and model of car. Even if you don't want to purchase the transmission yourself, this can give you a good idea of the approximate cost of the replacement parts.

4. Factor in the cost of labor. Typically, you'll need to pay around $300 for labor on a transmission repair. You may pay a little more or a little less for your repairs depending on how much people are typically paid in the area in which you live and based on the reputation of the repair shop.

5. Call repair shops in your area and ask them for estimates. This is the simplest, most direct way to find out the local market cost for your repair, although the information that you've learned in your research may help you when negotiating a final price.