Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Exactly What Is A Turbo

That "steel snail" can be payment some businesslike horsepower.

The consultation "turbo" has been synonymous with aptitude and performance for decades. These incomplex compressors harness wasted energy to devise additional horsepower.


Turbochargers compress air in the engine's intake manifold, which helps shove extra oxygen into the cylinders.


Turbochargers use a fan blade (impeller) in the exhaust stream to power a compressor wheel.

Turbochargers were originally developed for high-altitude, piston-driven aircraft, which must impel in the thin and low-pressure universe of the sub-stratosphere.


Engines need O2 to burn fuel; the added O2 they chalk up, the expanded power they Testament build.


Because turbos harness the wasted energy of departing exhaust gases, the power they produce is essentially "free." This stands in contrast to superchargers, which require power from the crankshaft to run.

Fun Fact

Turbochargers are functionally identical to turbojet engines. The two are so closely related that you can build a functioning jet engine from a diesel truck turbocharger, a fuel injector and scrap steel.