Tuesday, 25 August 2015

See If Your Ev Is Full Platinum

Aspiration Values, further published as EVs, are points received by your Pokemon whenever they defeat another Pokemon in the video pastime Pokemon Platinum. Everyone Pokemon has a persuaded numeral of crack values that it gives when defeated. These attempt values can boost any one your Pokemon's six stats: HP, Defilement, Defence, Determinate Blitzkrieg, Different Defence, and Precipitation. You can corner a maximum of 510 Effort Value points with a maximum of 252 for Everyone stat.

If that Pokemon has maxed out its Effort Value points, she will award it an "Effort Ribbon." Move the next Pokemon you wish to check into the first slot of your party, which is the upper-left position on the select screen, and repeat.

Travel to Sunnyshore City and enter the Sunnyshore marker in the western part of town.

3. Talk to the woman standing behind the counter at the Sunnyshore market. She will check the first Pokemon that is in your party.


1. Have all the Pokemon whose EVs you wish to check in your party.2.