Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Have A Vehicle Awesome Within The Desert

Those of us who living in a dry climate are all very recognized with time to come gone of the duty ultimate of a summer age and not yet activity able to touch the steering wheel.3. Turn off your air conditioning 90 to 120 seconds before you arrive at your destination (your car won't heat up significantly in that period). This helps avoid mold build-up in your air-conditioning ducts, which keeps the entire system running at a high level with less chance of breakdowns.4.

1. Change your car's battery at least every two years. In desert climates, where summer temperatures routinely exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat from the sun combined with the natural heat in your car can literally cook your battery.

2. Visit your mechanic every April or May and get your air conditioning recharged. Over time, your air conditioning will lose power, which means your car won't cool as quickly. You want the air coming out of your vents to blow around 44 degrees Fahrenheit. One summer's stress can wipe out an air-conditioning system, so do this every year.

The hotter a car gets, the quicker it will deteriorate. When you're in the desert, it's important to keep your car as cool as possible so it stays in good running condition.


Face your car west (away from the rising sun) when you park your car in the morning. After lunch, re-park you car to face east, away from the setting sun. While this isn't the end-all be-all in keeping your car cool, your back window tends to be smaller and have a squarer angle, whereas your windshield is large and angles toward the sky. Keeping direct sunlight out of your car will help a great deal in keeping it cool.

5. Park your car with your windows slightly cracked. You don't need to crack them more than a half-inch or so. When you have heat trapped in an area (especially in areas enclosed mostly by glass), the heat needs a way to get out. Not doing so will make your car hotter and might actually damage the glass of your car, making it weaker and more susceptible to cracking.

6. Purchase a sunshade and a steering-wheel cover. The sunshade will block the sun's rays, keeping the interior of your car cooler. Steering-wheel covers absorb and distribute heat, making it easier to touch the steering wheel on a hot day.