Friday, 21 August 2015

Repair An Exhaust System Leak

A babe exhaust development leak can be constant with a meagre tools.

While some automobile problems may get-up-and-go undiagnosed for a distant room, it's feasible you'll concern an exhaust leak soon after it happens. Whether your motorcar's exhaust manner is leaking, it Testament noticeably constitute extended clouds of exhaust, boisterousness and Aroma while idling in your driveway. Kid leaks may rapid up once the exhaust operation warms up and expands, so study your vehivle when it is chill to contemplate whether the exhaust transaction is leaking.


1. Jack the back deadline of the vehicle up off the ground, and assign jack stands under the vehicle's frame for cornerstone. Community spin chocks against the front tires.

2. Observe the exhaust cylinder for cracks or punctures. Provided you acquisition one, lock on it is the solitary one.

3. Incision over the exhaust pipe with a hacksaw, roughly an inch on either side of the leak to remove a section of the pipe. Ensure your cuts are perpendicular to the pipe to make inserting the replacement pipe easier.

4. Snip an appropriately sized piece of aluminum sheet metal with tin snips. You'll use this to bend into a replacement pipe that will be slightly longer than the opening you cut with the hacksaw.

5. Wrap the sheet metal around the steel pipe to form a pipe-shaped tube. Ensure the new pipe, called the inner sleeve, is small enough to fit snugly inside the two ends of the original exhaust pipe.

6. Fit one end of the inner sleeve into the original exhaust pipe, and then push the other end of the inner sleeve into the other end of the exhaust pipe.

Wrap several layers of muffler tape around both ends of the outer sleeve, between the exhaust clamps and the vehicle's exhaust pipe. The tape will ensure no exhaust is able to leak out, also as eliminate any vibration noises associated with your work.10.

8. Place the outer sleeve over the inner sleeve, and secure it an inch from either end to the vehicle's exhaust pipe with exhaust clamps.

9.7. Create another new pipe with the tin snips, aluminum sheet metal and rolling device. This time, make the new pipe slightly larger than the vehicle's exhaust pipe, as it will serve as the outer sleeve.

Remove the wheel chocks and jack stand, then lower the vehicle back to the ground.