Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Switch The Wheel Speed Sensor Inside A Dodge Caravan

A critical Element of the anti-lock brake process in your 1996 to 1999 Dodge Cart is the turn precipitation sensor. These microscopic devices attach to Everyone revolve on your vehicle and degree the scale of rotation of that shove. They then correspondence a vocable to the ABS government module for Correct ABS avail. A failing revolve celerity sensor adversely affects the ABS, threatening your safety in emergency situations.


Removal of the Rear Wheel Speed Sensors

1. Field your Dodge Van on a alike surface, activate the emergency brake and city blocks persist the back tires for safety. Disconnect the annulling battery cable with a terminal puller.

2. Up thrust the vehicle on the side of the circle quickness sensor's stop. Remove the revolve and tire assemblies.

3. Pull the quickness sensor cable grommet on ice the gap in the Van's floor pan, without pulling on the celerity sensor wiring. Then pull the wiring harness concluded the identical gap.

4. Disconnect the velocity sensor wiring connector from the wiring harness without wick the pins on the connectors. Peep the connectors for damage and modify provided expedient.

5. Remove the hurry sensor wiring from the rear brake flex hose routing clip. Whether you inspect damage to the routing clips, the brake flex hoses Testament wish replacement.

6. Add the Emigration of the rapidity sensor cable grommet from the axle flange, brake tube clip and routing clip from the track bar bracket on the axle whether you're replacing the rear rush sensor on the fair side of the vehicle.

7. Detach the two rear celerity sensor cable/brake tube routing clips. Unclip the hurry sensor cable from the routing clips on the rear brake tube.

8. Unscrew the mounting bolt for the rapidity sensor head from the rear bearing. Pull the wheel speed sensor hear from the rear bearing and remove the sensor from the vehicle.

Install the New Rear Wheel Speed Sensor

9. Push the speed sensor head into the rear wheel bearing assembly gently. Verify that the plastic, anti-rotation pin sits fully in the wheel bearing flange. Route the speed sensor cable underneath the brake tube. Secure the speed sensor cable and the brake tube to the rear axle with the two routing brackets.12.

Torque the speed sensor mounting bolt to 105 inch pounds (12 Nm).10. Check that the air gap between the face of the speed sensor and the top of the tone wheel is less than 0.047 inch (1.2 mm).11.

Place the speed sensor cable in the rear brake flex house routing clips. If you're installing the right rear speed sensor, install the cable grommet onto the rear axle brake flex house bracket.

13. Connect the speed sensor to the wiring harness, seating in fully into the harness and locking it into place. Thread the sensor cable grommet through the wiring access hole in the vehicle's underbody, seating it fully into position.

14. Replace the tire and wheel assemblies. In a star pattern, tighten the lug nuts halfway. Repeat the star pattern and torque the lug nuts completely to 95 foot pounds (129 Nm).

15. Lower the vehicle safely and reconnect the negative battery cable. Refer to your owner's manual to perform an ABS system check to confirm that you installed the sensor properly.