Monday, 31 August 2015

Replace A Sway Bar Link On The 1994 Ford Thunderbird

The sway bar links on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird connect the sway bar ends to the chassis. Shift the Thunderbird into grassland and fix the parking brake. District the shove chocks against the left-rear tire to dominion the van in habitat.2. Climb under the front extremity of the Thunderbird with your socket allot and replacement sway bar link.


1. Guide the Thunderbird's front wheels onto the ramps. The links authorize for play between the sway bar and the chassis while driving. On the other hand, the links can wear outside over age, necessitating replacement. Worn sway bar links can as well be a telltale note of other front-end troubles with the Thunderbird. Provided you own entry-level automotive-repair contact, you can interchange a sway bar link on your 1994 Ford Thunderbird in approximately 30 minutes or less.

3. Unbolt the Thunderbird's decrepit sway bar link with the socket set. Pull the old link out by hand.

4. Place the new link in position. Bolt the Thunderbird's new link to the sway bar and chassis with the socket set.

5. Climb out with your tools and the old sway bar link. Move the wheel chocks away from the back tire. Drive the Thunderbird off the ramps.