Monday, 17 August 2015

Switch The Starter Motor Relay Inside A Ford Taurus

Provided your 2002 Ford Taurus won't dawn, the malfunction may come from the starter Engine relay, which helps to administer contemporary to, as its agnomen suggests, the starter Engine. Clean, fix or repair any area, as needed.5. Plug in your new relay and make certain the relay fits securely within its socket, as current running through a loose relay can cause the relay to overheat or the outer casing and surrounding relay casings/box cover to melt.6.

Disconnect the battery. Brood over, whether you don't disconnect the battery you canter the risk of an unintentional electrical surge that could disfigured you or beginning costly damage to your vehicle.

2. Unlatch the contain of the power distribution box and push up. You don't essential to remove the abundant lid, as it can rest vertical to the box while you office.

3. Unplug your Ford Taurus starter motor relay from its socket located toward the back of the box (#23 block on your bent distribution box diagram). This relay, one of the fundamental two maxi-sized relay blocks that you can examine as you glad eye toward the back of the box, sits to the go of another relay block (#24 fan relay). Provided you're still uncertain of the location or for other model year locations, confirm using one of the owner manual .pdf files found at Ford Fleet (see Resources).

4. Check the box area for dirt, corrosion or damage that could cause the relay to malfunction. Although effortless to remove and interchange, you should accept additional keeping during repair as the starter Engine relay rests in the engine compartment capability distribution box--a fuse/relay box connected to gigantic now wires.



Push your power distribution cover down until it locks firmly into place. Reconnect the battery and start your Ford Taurus to test the new relay.