Friday, 28 August 2015

Replace A U Joint On The 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

The typical Seam on a Mercury Mountaineer, commonly called U-joints, makes up the salient hinge for the coerce shaft. Provided the Seam runs elsewhere of grease and dries up, you must to change the Seam, which is mythical up of a spider-like focus collection and bearing caps connected within the U-joint yoke. A Mountaineer with four-wheel-drive has two manage shafts and thus two U-joints. Consulting your mechanic before working on something akin the driven shaft is highly recommended.


Area the transmission in "Impartial."2. Point the drive shaft's affair to the differential and the transfer occasion with a scribe, chalk or whitewash.


1. Lift the vehicle on a equivalent surface and backing it on jack stands.

The transfer occasion is needed sole on the front operate shaft of a four-wheel-drive.

3. Remove the bolts connecting the impel shaft to the differential, using your wrench. On a four-wheel-drive, this is where the U-joint is. Unbolt the operate shaft from the transfer situation..

4. Seperate the handle shaft from the differential, then the transfer example whether needed, and remove the handle shaft.

5. Remove the snap rings from the bearing caps at the ends of the U-joint spider with needle-nose pliers.

6. Incorporate the Seam into a comprehensive bench vice. District a little conduit quantity or socket into one bearing cap and a moment cylinder or socket that is slightly larger than the bearing cap into the opposite cap.

7. Compress the vise so the small pipe will force one bearing cap out of the joint. Remove the joint from the vise and remove the cap remainder of the Exit with large pliers.

8. Repeat the previous two steps with the pipe pieces in the opposite positions to remove the other bearing cap.


9. Pack the replacement bearings with grease. The exact method of doing this can vary depending on the U-joint servicing kit, so read all of its instructions.

10. Place the replacement spider within the joint's yoke and partially install one new bearing cap within the yoke. Start working the spider into this cap and then install the second bearing cap. Line up the spider within both caps.

11. Press the two bearing caps into position with the vise.

12. Install the new snap rings into the bearing caps. Hit the yoke with a brass hammer to free up the tension within the yoke if you have trouble seating the rings within their grooves.

13. Install the drive shaft onto the truck, making sure your markings line up with the ones on the differential or transfer case.

14. Tighten the rear drive shaft bolts to 83 foot-pounds with a torque wrench. If you are connecting a front drive shaft, tighten the universal joint bolts to 156 inch-pounds and the transfer case bolts to 22 foot-pounds.

15. Lower the Mountaineer off the jack stands.