Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Switch The Window Motor Inside A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

The 2001 Chevy Silverado has a window Engine in Everyone door to provide potentiality to free or quick the window. Bolt the new window motor to the Silverado's door and window regulator using the socket set. Put the door panel back on the Silverado in reverse of how you removed it. Take all the tape off the door and glass before operating the new window motor.


1. Pry the window switch from the Silverado's door panel using a trim object. Unplug the switch from the window harness by plam and place it aside.

2. Remove the hex-head screws from the door panel using the socket establish. Depending on your Silverado's interior trim box, you may need to pry out trim covers with the trim tool to access all the screws.

3. Lift the Silverado's door panel upward two inches to clear the lock knob before removing the panel from the door by hand.

4. Raise the window glass by hand until you can secure it to the top of the door with the packing tape.

5. Remove the two bolts holding the faulty window motor to the door and regulator with the socket set. Pull the old motor out of the door through the access hole. Insert the new motor into position by hand.

6. The window Engine has a little gear in its nose that turns a similar gear on the Silverado's window regulator in adjustment to perform this chore. Provided the window Engine seizes or short circuits, you'll lose direction of your endowment window thanks to door until you exchange the Engine. Provided you're worthy in auto-repair, you can perform this assignment in approximately one interval.