Friday, 28 August 2015

Train Auto Body Repair

Learning Car target repair can gate one to two senility, depending on how even out-of-classroom familiarity students are required to abundant. You should expect to demonstrate belief washed-up in-class instruction and knowledge nailed down lab drudgery. Students may haul auto body repair classes while in altitudinous institute, or they can endeavor toward a certificate in Car body repair after graduating from a secondary college. The Car intent certificate or associate measure very requires them to grip regular education classes.


1. Section the Car thing repair programme into three semesters. The fundamental should concentrate on basic auto body repair, the moment on basic automotive refinishing and the third on collision repair. In some local colleges and specialist schools, the fourth semester is devoted to usual education requirements.

2. Proclaim students you expect them to go after morals safety procedures while they knowledge Car body repairs in the lab. This includes wearing safety goggles.

3. Start the first semester with auto body repair technology fundamentals. Discuss the different metals vehicles are made out of. Teach students handle manually operated auto body tools. Then move on to a demonstration of safely operate power and hydraulic tools.

4. Continue the first semester by having students work on sheet metal. Introduce the third semester by explaining the fundamentals of auto collision repair. Discuss how automotive sheet metals are welded. Then focus on repair procedures. Explain the difference between active restraint systems and passive ones. Complete the semester by demonstrating mix and apply AVC primers.

5. Begin the second semester by explaining the basics of auto body refinishing. Start with a lesson on working safely in the paint shop. Continue by demonstrating minor repairs to dents and operate spray guns. Spend time teaching students choose the proper solvents and auto body undercoats. Then show them apply paints to a vehicle's body panels.

6. They should know weld and braze it and shape ruined body panels and then apply metal finish. Explain use fillers---body solder and plastic body. Show students take out and install all body parts.

7. Complete the third semester with a basic introduction to fixing damage when a vehicle has been involved in a major collision. Demonstrate repair a car's frame. Finish by showing students replace the trim, glass and moldings on any vehicle.